Saturday, September 13, 2008

phm studio spaces: v is for violet

Artist Name: Tanyalee Philpott or v is for violet
Shop site:
City: Whittier, CA (woot!)

Where in your home/apartment/city is your studio located?

We have an older style condo with a rather large living room so my husband and I decided to cut it in half and make work spaces for each of us. My side houses all the fabric and crafty stuff and his side houses all the nerdy computer stuff.

What equipment/tools do you use?

In my art I use a sewing machine, paint brushes, fabric, opaque projector, paint pens, hot glue gun, safety eyes, glitter etc.

Do you have an inspiration board, and can you tell us what is inspiring you now?

I don't really have an inspiration board but I consider my whole space and inspiration board. From the pics you can see that I love to collect things and they always end up somewhere in my studio. I consider all those silly things my inspiration. I also like that I can look in any given direction and either laugh or feel inspired. Some of the stuff I have around serves to remind me not to make the same mistake twice. I know it sounds weird but I feel like you have to be honest with yourself and realize that not every idea is the best, but they all have potential to be the best. Right now all my little white ceramic pieces are what inspires me, I recently made an albino octopus as an ode to my little white collection...sadly with the recent earthquake in LA I lost some of my coolest little breakables***in memory of my unicorn that turned into a headless horse :(***

How do you create best (e.g. do you listen to music while you create and if so what?)

I usually create best when I have a great movie on and my daughter is either sleeping or busy playing in her space. I don't know what it is about T.V but I love to have it on and kinda loud. I think I like the way it makes me feel like I am in a crowded room. At the moment I am obsessed with Lars and the Real Girl, it is full of really funny sayings that I think I would have missed had I been sitting watching.

List (3) of your favorite artists

I love this bag! It is so funny and creative, way to go Kukurbita :)

I think this print is GREAT! I love screen printing and mixed media, yay magic jelly.

I love the idea of paper dolls for those of us that may be a little older than 5 :) and they are so beautifully done. Elsita is very talented.

I chose to use my fav's from Etsy because I like that if someone agrees with me and enjoys the artwork they can just click and buy :) I'm that kind of girl, if I see it, I want it. Plus it is a great feeling to have someone buy your artwork, it makes you feel like someone understands what you love.

If yours isn't, what would be your perfect studio?

My perfect studio would be in a room with a door so I could make a mess once in awhile and not worry about people coming over and tripping over piles of fabric and thread. Can you keep a secret? I would love to have my husband in that "perfect" room too, I like being in the same room with him and both of us enjoying our little projects :)