Tuesday, August 26, 2008

phm studio spaces: the paper thieves


Artist Name: Stephanie Meurer/The Paper Thieves
Shop Name and Url: smeurer8.etsy.com
Blog: thepaperthieves.blogspot.com
City: Los Angeles

Where in your home/apartment/city is your studio located?
I live in a loft in a supposedly converted cement factory turned bakery (or maybe it was the other way around?). My loft looks like it was originally the loading dock and offices. I have a separate studio space here which functions as my workspace
and office.


What equipment/tools do you use?
gocco, drill, letterpress, computer, printers, hammer, knives, cutter, sewing machine

Do you have an inspiration board, and can you tell us what is inspiring you now?
I have a bulletin board and shelf above my desk that not only collects receipts, but unintentionally becomes an inspiration board, with reject items I have printed, photos I like, and old toys. My roll up door serves as a greater inspiration board, as I have small pieces of art on there from people I admire, interesting handmade flyers from my friends' bands, odd postcards etc.


How do you create best (e.g. do you listen to music while you create and if so what?)
I seem to listen more to music if I'm painting, but not so much if I'm printing. I like to keep the door open and hear them hum of the freeway and neighborhood dogs. If I do listen to music, it'll lean more towards mellow/indie: The Wrens, Massive Attack, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Jeff Buckley, Beirut, Calexico.

List (3) of your favorite artists
Trish Grantham
Claire Oswalt
Evan B Harris

If yours isn't, what would be your perfect studio?
I fantasize about a barn (or bigger loft space), with built in shelves, air conditioning, lots of light and less dust...and more natural light!


Thanks Stephanie