Wednesday, July 30, 2008

phm studio spaces: domestic construction


Artist Names: Domestic Construction (Trish Andersen and Maureen Walsh)

Blog: no
City: Brooklyn, NY

Our studio is separate from our apartments... it is located in Greenpoint Brooklyn on Dobbin Street. Conveniently a short bike ride between both of our apartments, it's cozy but efficient.

We always have our hands in some new process... we use anything from delicate needles to saws and drills. We have two sewing machines and a serger. We built a light table to expose screens for screen printing. Every day/project consists of a different tool/process, this variety drives us. We could leave the studio covered in saw dust one day and dye the next...


We are constantly gathering inspiration and imagery, all the walls in the studio become a revolving inspiration board. We are particularly fond of hiding the inspiration in unknown spots to be discovered later. Right now we are especially inspired by the transformation of materials and objects to create innovative and engaging surfaces. Our consistent source of inspiration and smiles is our marionette Wilson! He's quite a funny man.

We need music to create... if there is silence we both go crazy! Our I-tunes is always on shuffle to keep things moving. We also do a lot of free association brainstorming and no holds bar material process exploration.

fabric wall

Some artist we love include:

Tara Donovan
Ghada Amer
Pamela Wiley - our favorite mentor and dear friend

We would love to have a larger space with a whole wall of windows to keep all the different processes from overlapping. We'll keep our fingers crossed...